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Common calcium hydroxide

Common calcium hydroxide

Common calcium hydroxide

In accordance with Q/HHX 001-2012


1.Molecular formula: Ca(OH)2

2.Molecular weight: 74.096

3.Physical and chemical properties:

Soft white powder, with a strong alkalinity & hygroscopicity, density 2.24, bulk density 0.6-0.8, soluble in acid, rarely soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol.


widely used in architectural heat preservation mortar, sewage treatment,neutral treatment of acidic water, desulfurization of flue gas , waste incineration, reduce the acidity of soil, improve soil structure, etc.

5.Main control index:

No. Project Content
1  Calcium hydroxide (as Ca(OH)2) %≥  Calcium hydroxide 85.0
2  Moisture  %≤  Moisture 2.0
3  Fineness (200 Mesh residue)  %≤  200 Mesh residue 15.0


25kg/bag, plastic coated package or flexible freight bag or bulk.